FFT with video as a source

Hi all-

trying to use p5js for a new project instead of P3 and having some issues. I normally use minim for all my FFT related coding but that is not available for p5js.

Anyway, I have a local video (for now) that I want to use as my sound source instead of loading an mp3 or a mic input like all of the FFT examples I have been through. Eventually I will have a live HLS video stream as my input source. I noticed in the reference that if I don’t use setInput() it will search for any sound in my sketch, is that what I want to do?

For the life of me I cant get FFT to react at all without having some sort of call to use an mp3 or mic input. I used the normal FFT example and just set my mp4 video as the source and it took several seconds to load my video then it worked, but that does not seem like it will work for a realtime video streaming application.

Any examples or tips to get me started are much appreciated!