Failed To Fetch Error

I am a teacher of a beginning coding class in P5 and our class project is to create a themed Maze Game with all the typical features of a maze. Since the students need to pick a theme, I’ve asked them to upload and display images, which I have taught before. Last Thursday, October 19, half of the students received a Failed to Fetch error, when trying to display images that they had loaded. The other half had no issues; I was reviewing their work today and trying to understand why the Failed to Fetch error appears. I have a link from the P5 editor where the error appears and another link from the openprocessing editor where the same code does not give the Failed to fetch error; in fact, the code works as intended. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as the explanations I read in the forum about Failed to fetch went beyond my knowledge.
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Updating the situation… perhaps you have checked the links in my original post and seen that the Failed to fetch error no longer occurs. That was great, but today I had half my class with Failed to fetch errors . All of these students’ codes worked at the end of the previous class session. The other half of my class had no problems. I am wondering if there are any file upload limits that might be preventing some students’ files from loading?
I am also wondering if this can be attributed to P5 servers being overloaded. Perhaps I should track the times of day when the Failed to fetch errors occur
The problem occurs with jpeg, png and webp files. The problem sometimes goes away if I take the files out of an images folder and update the loadImage code accordingly with the new file path. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.