Extreme Overhead. Desperate for help with Memory!

Things for my game aren’t looking too good right now. I’ve spent all day compressing the assets for my game to try and save on memory. I’ve taken 600 mb of assets and turned them into 300 mb worth. Unfortunately, the memory being used by the game has remained the same before and after: between 2 and 2.5 GB. I’ve read countless articles about memory management, proper loading, garbage collection, and more. The only library I’m using in the game is Minim for sound. What could possibly be causing this?!

There are lots of images used in the game, so I used the .resize() function to try and have less image data loaded at any given time and it seems to have helped. I still hope to clean up the memory further, but this is most certainly a start.

It’s a bit difficult to give specific advice without some code or at least some understanding of the logic in your code. Different games have different requirements too probably, a little bit more detail would go a long way. I understand that you might want to keep some cards close to the chest, but the topic your addressing is very broad.