Exporting processing sketch to application

Hey, I am making a project with processing. The sketch is a game with three stages, and works with mic threshold. When the user’s voice crosses a certain range of threshold, it reaches another level of the game. This sketch includes a total of six videos and button pngs. The sketch is working fine with the pde file but I am trying to export it in application (exe). After exporting, when I try to open the exe it just shows me a grey screen, and sometimes the screen freezes.

I am using video and sound library of processing

Kindly help me with this, and I hope to hear from you soon with a solution.


Hi @Avani11 and welcome.

Did you try exporting the application with java embedded? Often the grey screen problem occurs because the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is missing or incompatible (maybe your app requires 64-bit when you have 32-bit installed) and if you embed java it works ok.


Hey! It worked with installing other version of video library

In which case it might be Exporting Sketch With Movie Is Blank - #5 by neilcsmith ?

Hey, so the video library I downloaded from processing was not working when I exported it to the application. But when I downloaded another version of the library it worked.

Yes, I know. If you went from v2 to v1, that link explains the problem. v1 is using a version of GStreamer that hasn’t been supported for many years.