Exported Application Issues

I have written a reasonably large Processing program that acts kind of like a Photo Booth with around 50 real-time effect that save out as an image file. It works well in the Processing environment and almost well as a stand alone, but the save command doesn’t save the files in the stand alone environment. I can’t tell if this is a path problem or a permissions problem. I am using AppleScript folder scripts to print and email the pictures so I need this to work. Any ideas would be appreciated. I’ll upload a picture from the device so you can see what I’m up to.


Hi @Craig,

Guess you need to show us your save command call, resp. the save procedure to get answers. :slight_smile:

— mnse

Sure, here it is.

pg.save(“Saved Pictures/” + pictureName + “.tif”);

In the Processing environment it saves it to a folder called “Saved Pictures” in the sketch’s folder. I see that the stand alone doesn’t seem to have recreated that folder so I’m wondering where it should go. Or perhaps I should use an absolute path name. Also, will the Mac refuse to save to that file anyway because I haven’t given that application permission. Thanks. Possibly I am asking the Processing stand alone to do more than it can.

I use absolute paths as they are much easier to troubleshoot. Do keep in mind that the file path is relative to where it is launched so as a stand alone I think it’s relative to the java source file. So I would check in the the java folder and see if there is the saved files

Thanks, Joseph. I’ll give it a try.


In a recent project, which was also exported as a standalone app, I used saveFrame() / Reference / Processing.org instead of save().
Even though i only exported one frame at a time. Maybe I had a similar issue. :person_shrugging: