Export QuickTime Movie using a sketch

I want to have a sketch to export a QuickTime Movie from images created with saveFrame().
I don’t want to use the “Create Movie” Tool for that.
As far as I know, this function was included in the processing.video library in Processing 1.

import processing.video.*;

MovieMaker mm;  // Declare MovieMaker object

void setup() {
  size(320, 240);
  // Create MovieMaker object with size, filename,
  // compression codec and quality, framerate
  mm = new MovieMaker(this, width, height, "drawing.mov",
                       30, MovieMaker.H263, MovieMaker.HIGH);

void draw() {
  ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 20, 20);
  mm.addFrame();  // Add window's pixels to movie

void keyPressed() {
  if (key == ' ') {
    mm.finish();  // Finish the movie if space bar is pressed!

Unfortunately, this code doesn’t seem to work anymore in Processing 2+.
Are there any solutions to this?

Maybe this library I created? http://funprogramming.org/VideoExport-for-Processing/

I haven’t tested with QuickTime though.


That works fine. Thanks! :grin:

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