Export application with Video (webcam access) not working

I made a small tool in Processing 3.5.4 that I would like to export as a standalone application on Windows 10 Home (v. 1909).
If I leave out the webcam functionality, the app runs just fine, but as soon as I try to access the webcam, the app just starts with a gray screen and does nothing.

You can simply reproduce the problem by importing the Video Library, go to examples and open the Mirror example. The example runs just fine inside the editor, it can access the camera, shows the image, all good… but when you export the app and try to run it, it simple gets stucks with a gray screen.

Hope somebody has some ideas on what I can do to fix this issue.


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Have the same problem here.
Sketch works just good in IDE but gives a blank gray window while exported to be an application (windows 10).

But anything was fine in couple weeks ago.

Same here on Windows 10. I also tried this, but did not work…

Which points as the solution to use this camera name:

new Capture(this, "pipeline:autovideosrc");

but no good results…

Also see Exporting Sketch With Movie Is Blank - #5 by neilcsmith