Expected DOT, found 'array name'

I think I’ve found a bug with the IDE. If it’s not a bug, please tell what I’m doing wrong. Whenever I have something like this

byte[] TestByteArray = new byte[] {

it gives me this error:
expecting DOT, found ‘TestByteArray’

I also don’t know if the code formatting worked, so I’ll just have to hope it did

Edit: Apparently it did work
Also, this is the only code I have in this project, and it only throws an error if I use 0b. If I use numbers, or even 0x then it will work, but not 0b. (there’s no other code because I ran into this problem on another project and I wanted to isolate it to make sure nothing else was causing it)

Edit 2: I just realized is it because you can’t do 0b0? I could have sworn that was a thing

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It does not seem to like this:

Works if you just use a 0.

Tried this:

byte b = 0b00001111;

byte[] TestByteArray = new byte[] {b};

void setup() 
  size(640, 360);

void draw() 
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so you can use 0b0 just not in an array?

also, it seems like you can’t do
println (0b00001111);
but you can do
println (0xF);

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byte[] TestByteArray = new byte[] {
  (byte) 0xb0
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Processing 3 uses Java 8.
I have been working around things like this as they arise.
I tried using binary literals for some masking and had to go back to hexadecimal.

Processing 4 uses Java 11 and does not have these errors for the few examples I tried: