Error with package export

Hi! I’m trying to export a Signed Package of my Sketch, in order to publish in Google Play Store, but I get error and the process fails.

I have done all the things that can be done, the icons, etc. I writed the passwords and the all the others fields, but its impossible. Of course I have installed gradle, etc.

After many weeks programming my sketch, now I feel so sad to discover that I can not export to an adroid app. I’m trying to export it to apk file, but I’m not able to.

How can you get an apk file from your sketch, to upload it to play store and finish this little disaster? :woozy_face:

Now I have found that Android mode finde error where Java mode was all correct. I thought both modes have the same code, haven’t they?

only a short list of differences

but not variable types, as the console complain to me.

oh my god, i found an estupid mistake that i have wrotten.