Error Create Canvas not defined- While trying to save sample project

I am trying to learn Java Script and I referring to Daniel Shiffman videos. I have installed Bracket and have downloaded the example project, On writing an implementation for setup and draw method I am getting the error [ERROR: createCanvas is not defined] in the ESLint(4) editor console.

I have attached the screenshot for reference.

. I have even referred the link ( but that did not resolve my issue.

The video that I am looking in is

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Did you check the comments of the video? It seems people have reported issues, specially about createCanvas and Dan posted a new link for a sample project. Tell us any work around steps that you have tried. If the issues persists, you can tag Daniel Shiffman here so he can update the video (Not sure if he will though).

Finally, I should mentioned that p5js+other supporting libraries are not different to any other js library so you can also hit the brackets documentations to see how you can setup the libraries properly. I suggest you load your code in a public repo and make it available for anybody willing to reproduce the issue.

Sorry I cannot be of any more help here.


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