Editing a topic subject (change first character from upper to lower case)


How do you edit a topic subject line to make the first character lower case?

For example change Red(int) to red(int):

I tried and it remained upper-case.

With Processing tab names (similar issue as above) I would go from R to any other character to r and this works. I tried it on my topic and it did not work.


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There must be a way of doing it, this discussion (rotateX does not work as expected) managed it.

If you prefix 'rotateX() ’ to the title for this discussion it stays lowercase. Puzzled :thinking:

Sort of solved it.

If the first word has an uppercase letter after the first character e.g. ‘reD’ it works but is not a full solution.

This topic explains the behavior I am seeing:

In the case of:

Red(int) does not exist?

This would be a title that reflects the actual error that is displayed:

The function “red(int)” does not exist

And correctly shows the method with correct syntax.

The link above and it’s related topics suggests there are are Discourse settings beyond my control.

I am tagging this as a solution that answers my question.