Earth to move in it's orbit

I have two ellipse.
one is larger ellipse and another is smaller ellipse.
i want smaller ellipse to follow the path of the larger ellipse. Your suggestions are needed?.
( i am a beginner).

If you have an ellipse like this :

You have the coordinates of your smaller ellipse with this formula :


Example :

float t = 0;
int a = 150;
int b = 100;

void setup(){

void draw(){
  t += 0.01;

You can find further informations on :

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Thanks a lot for reply, with the suggestion you gave I successfully made whole solar system. However, all the planets are revolving with same speed. I want their speeds to be varied with each other. Your suggestion is required.

Just create separate variables for each planets :

float t_sun, t_venus, t_mars ...

And increment them differently.

My face detection is not working? Suggestion needed


Can you post your code using <\> in the message editor and press Ctrl+T in the processing IDE ?
Don’t take pictures, take screenshots.

Is it necessary to install openCv to use openCv library for processing

Yes, go to Sketch > Import a library > Add a library > install OpenCV.

what is the meaning of
Client thisclient=myserver.available() ?

i am not getting the significance and meaning of available()

Go check out the documentation on the Network library (it is very helpful) :slight_smile: :