Dropbox API to link files shared between 2 files


I am trying to access a folder in dropbox for a data file (.csv) and also a folder where an image generated in the code will be saved.

I then have a second code which needs to read this csv file and load the created image(s) from that same dropbox.

I have these folders on my computer but want this to be available via a dropbox so people on other computers can open the image creation code and interact with it remotely and their image would still be able to be loaded into the second code on another computer.

Has anyone got experience using a dropbox API to send and receive information like this? I had a look at Temboo but found it too confusing to work out if it would be suitable.


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Why use the Dropbox API at all? Why not simply write your image files into a shared folder using the local filepath and let the Dropbox desktop sync client handle syncing? I’m assuming that your users all have dropbox accounts and all have access through their accounts to the shared folder.

Then each user would just need configure in your sketch where the synced folder is for saving. I don’t recommend putting the sketch itself in a shared writeable Dropbox folder, as any user might accidentally damage it.

Thanks! I have done that at the moment but there is sometimes a delay when I want the images to load in the second load/display file so was looking for a way to integrate it more seamlessly. Perhaps it is just an issue with individual’s internet speed in saving photos to the folder.