Draw image from particular corner

So I’m aware you can position images in processing using different image modes. I was wondering how using imageMode(CORNERS) I would be able to position images from the bottom left corner. So if the image was drawn this way at 0 width/0 height, the the image width and height were both 100 it would be drawn between coordinates 0,0,100,0

Many thanks

How would that look like? It would just be a line of height 0. Please add some specifics to you question.

So it would deciding where to place an image using the bottom left corner of the image as the co-ordinates. So how imageMode(CENTER) would use the middle of the image as its co-ordinates.

I’m sorry, there is no inbuilt function to draw from the bottom left corner. But you could build one yourself, by just changing the input variables how you want them to be.

That is a good idea tbh, thank you for your help Lexyth! :slight_smile:

For example :

myImageMethod(img, 100, 10, 200, 0);

void myImageMethod(PImage img, float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2) {
image(img, x2, y2, x1, y1);

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