Draw() function never activated after the app is executed

I don’t know why my draw function is not working here. I’m wokring with Android (under Android Studio) and it never happened before (at least while I was testing the example available on the website).

So my sketch didn’t work the way I want, then I put a println() in the draw function but nothing is printed. Every println() are executed if they’re in the setup function but nothing happens in the draw function.

Did anyone faced that situation before?


I get this error in the console : W/System.err: OpenGL error 1280 at bot beginDraw(): invalid enum

I’ll look for solutions

Hello please post your entire code

this seems to be a bug:
see here https://github.com/processing/processing-android/issues/281

(but it does not seem to block and without seeing your code it s impossible to say wether there is not another problem)

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