Does anyone know what functions in kinectPV2 are similar to getRegisteredImage()?

Hi everyone. I use depthtocolor but the effect is not so good!I feel that the RGB value above does not correspond well to the depth value.


can you give some details? do you mean not correspond spatially? or the range of depth you get? or…

if it s spatially, there is an offset between the rgb image and the depth image, due to the distance between the two detector (rgb and infrared cameras)
and (specially in v2) because the two detectors have different field of view, and need software mapping
so it depends too on the code you have

Hi,Thank you for your reply!

I am currently studying the combination of 3d projection and kinect.

I am now figuring out its principle, and now I encounter the depth value corresponding to rgb, I think it should be the corresponding depth value at different depths to calibrate.