Do you have the missing media files from the p5.js Getting Started Book?

Hello Forum :slight_smile:

I have been looking all over the web for the missing data visualization media files from p5.js book. It is a known issue on Github without any results.

Does any have the following missing files?

  • ortiz.csv which is used in Ex_12_01.js
  • cities.csv which is used in Ex_12_03.js
  • film.json which is used in Ex_12_04.js
  • films.json which is used in Ex_12_05.js
  • cincinnati.json which is used in Ex_12_06.js
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Hello @mnoble,

There’s files with those names present in this zip archive. Could that be it?


That did the trick! Thank you Sven!

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Thank you for this–I was looking for those files too.