Displaying console in exported executable output

I have a python mode script that has no setup() or draw() functions which is fine as 99% of the time the output is not viewed. This script has been exported to a 32 bit executable running on Win 10 and runs well however occasionally it is useful to be able to see the console output (e.g. error tracking) so is it possible to view the console window output when running a python mode script as an exported executable?

Any help is much appreciated.


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PDE (Processing’s IDE) got its own console, which isn’t the same as the OS console 1.

I tried to redirect print to the real __stdout__ console but it didn’t work on the win console:
print >> sys.__stdout__, 'Am I displayable?'

But when I tried Git’s bash, everything got displayed there!

And no __stdout__ was needed. Vanilla print just works:
print 'Am I displayable?'

And Git’s bash also works on exported Java Mode sketches!

Just be aware that Git’s bash, just like any Unix bash, we need to prefix current directory files w/ ./ before its name.

For example, if we wanna run the filename “Hints.exe” on current folder, we type in: ./Hints

Grab Git install from this site: Git-Scm.com