Dino chrome game

Hey, everyone.

I have a school project and I got this code, I need help to comment, I have to deliver it today before midnight, thanks for your help.


and what is your question?

Or is it a please do this for me?

  • I suggest you order the classes so that they are at the end.
    (At the moment there are two functions after the last class.)

  • I also recommend lines: //----- before setup and after draw()

  • And lines // ====== before each class

  • You can comment on important closing brackets } like
    } // draw or
    } // class

  • player is not a good name. Better is playerOrAI

  • Each function should have a comment what is does (first line)

  • draw() is far too long. Normally you would make functions for concerns like displayPlayer or displayObstacle. Also, it would be cleaner when you had only once if(playerOrAI==1) {...} else {...} because now it occurs quite often

Do you want to make instructions comments or what?