Diagonal line - gap

Trying to make a diagonal line from 0,0 to 600,600 Please help me understand why is there a gap at the end of my line.
Why is the line ending before the last bottom right point on the canvas ?

void setup ()
  size (600,600);
  background (255,255,0);
void draw ()
 line (0,0,600,600);

Much thanks.

It is perfect on my computer. Maybe try again with another size?

What version of Processing and and OS are you using?

This is what I get with your code:


Thanks qewer3322 and glv

I am using 3.5.4 on Ubuntu DDE 20

  1. When i switch to Sketch > present - I do not face this problem.
  2. When I tried my code on 3.5.3 on a windows machine, I did not face this problem.

Whats going on ?

Opened the screenshot with paint and it looks like the window is missing 10 pixels from the bottom and I think that is added to the side (the thin grey part on the right). A bug maybe?

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