deviceId constraint ignored?

I’m wanting to use mutliple camera inputs so I’m using the deviceId constraint on createCapture, but it doesnt seem to matter what I enter it will always just uses the first availalbe video source

If device ID isn’t correct should it error out, not capture anything, or just default to first device?

I get the same result in FF and Chrome. Also tried with the groupID constraint and get the same result.

Everything else works as expected, I can set width and height etc in the same section and that works fine.

Anyone know what i might be doing wrong?

Edit: So it seems firefox will just use the camera I allow on the security popup, how do I allow it to use all?

It’s quite tricky. What is the value are you passing to createCapture ? I think you need to first list devices, which perhaps is not implemented yet so you need to use the native API


then copy the object from the console (it seems p5.js editor’s console doesn’t show the whole object so you need to open developer tools) and put it inside {video: ...}

  video: {
    "deviceId": "...",
    "kind": "videoinput",
    "label": "",
    "groupId": "..."

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Oh my, thank you so much. I feel like an idiot, I had deviceId:… instead of “deviceId”:…

Now it works as expected!

glad that it helped! but effectively {arg: xxx} and {"arg": xxx} are the same so perhaps there was another issue… but I guess it’s fine if it works now

You are right, I changed it back and it still works. :thinking:

Only other thing I can think of was I moved enumerateDevices outside of the setup function, then called the 3x setups after. Not sure why that would make a difference as it was getting all 3 devices before.

Whatever it was I hope this is useful for anyone else that might have the same issue in the future.

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