Detecting Serial Port's ID in processing?

I am new here, for the 3rd time. My prior experience with Processing <1.0 was great and I remember using serial port with it. I am wondering whether it is feasible to detect serial port’s unique ID from within Processing. A serial port chip such as FTDI232R has an embedded ID on board so if I can detect it, I can distinguish which serial port is which chip/microcontroller instead of always assuming the last one on the list is the one I need. It’s crucial to what I’m doing. I can do this in Python using Pyserial module but there seems to be a bug on windows and the serial number was not 100% correctly obtained. I’m hoping to see better results in Processing. Thanks.

I found some discouraging posts saying about a call getProperties() being implemented on Linux not Windows. Tried some code and the call returned blanks.