[deep-vision] YOLONetwork function question

  1. library link : GitHub - cansik/deep-vision-processing: Deep computer-vision algorithms for the Processing framework.

  2. weight, cgf link : fire-smoke-detect-yolov4/README_EN.md at master · gengyanlei/fire-smoke-detect-yolov4 · GitHub


Q1) public YOLONetwork(Path configPath, Path weightsPath, int width, int height)
Do the width and height of the above function mean the width and size of the object?

Q2) yolov4-fire.cfg, yolov4-fire.weights
The above two files are being processed with ‘processng’. However, it seems that it is not recognized as well as expected. Any reason?

  Path model =   Paths.get(sketchPath("/data/yolov4-fire.cfg")).toAbsolutePath();
  Path weights = Paths.get(sketchPath("/data/yolov4-fire.weights")).toAbsolutePath();
  println(" model : " + model);  println(" weights : " + weights);
  yolo = new YOLONetwork(model, weights, 256, 256);
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