Data visualization with own images

You should really get into the habit of debugging your code by stepping through your code line-by-line, first with your eyes, then with a piece of paper and a pencil, and finally with the debugger that comes with the Processing editor. You should also get into the habit of doing research: googling your error is always a good idea.

Doing these things before you post will save you time, and it will save time for the people answering questions. (Who are doing this for free in their spare time!)

Please read this guide for more info:

Anyway, your error is a syntax error that’s caused by having to many opening or closing brackets. For example:

void setup(){


This code would not compile because it contains an extra } closing bracket.

You can debug this error by making sure your code is properly formatted, and then going through and making sure that your brackets are all correctly matched.

After you fix this problem, you’re going to have another problem with your if statements. But again, you really need to get into the habit of debugging your code- it’s a huge part of what programming is.

Good luck!

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