Custom mouse cursor

how can i customize the cursor that is displayed inside Processing 3, for example, make it appear as a custom png image instead of the OS’s cursor image

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You can have cross hand or arrow

See reference

But you can display an image at mouse position

You can hide mouse cursor with noCursor()

hmm so one technique may be to hide the mouse cursor, then load an image and have it follow the mouseX and mouseY?

That’s right

Use imageMode CENTER

It’s not exactly the same but I don’t know how to make a customized mouse arrow

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User cursor(myImg)


It is described on the cursor reference page.

For example, here is a sketch with a tiny Processing logo as a cursor.

 * Custom mouse cursor basic example
 * 2020-06-04 Processing 3.5.4
void setup(){
  size(400, 400);
  PImage img = loadImage("");
  img.resize(64, 64);

void draw(){}

and umm how would i reset the cursor image? if possible

like would i need to set a default cursor such as ARROW then change and reset as desired?

Did you try using any of the cursor() commands on the reference page? What happened when you tried?