Creating vertical lines

Create a user defined function called drawLines() that has a strokeWeight(3) and a random r, g, b value with lower red, medium green and higher blue values.

****What is it telling me to do with the colors?

This is what I am trying to create…
The line should start at the top and increase every 20 pixels on the x coordinate. The height is controlled by a random range from 50 to the height of the frame. This method will have the call loop() as the last statement. This will be called in the draw() method.

I can get it to do the first vertical line, and I have a feeling they are all writing on top of each other. What would I do to fix that?

    for (int x = 0; x < 400; x++)
  stroke(random(0, 100), random(0, 150), random(0, 255));
    line(20, 0, y+20, random(50, 400));
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try line (x+20,…

Regarding the color:


color col1 = color(random(0,70),



I’ve tried several different ways
line(20, y, 20, random(50, 400));

line(x+20, y, 20, random(50, 400));

line(20, y, 400, random(50, 400));

line(20, y, 0, random(50, 400));

nothing works right

figured it out!! yay me!

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This is not necessary when you don’t use noLoop somewhere

for loop loops automatically and draw() does too

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Did you read the reference about line() ?

It’s a line from a point at x,y to another point at x2,y2

So the order for the parameters is x,y, x2, y2

It’s confusing because all look the same

It’s a matter of practice and experience