Creating a www server with P5 lib*

Since a lot of months i am working for an app which is a multiplayer game; gamers can use tablets (android) or desktop computers. I have written a server for the game and of course the app itself, android && desktop versions.

When i try to play in my LAN (where there are several computers and phones) everything works fine. So, now, i am trying to test the app with a “real” wan server. As for that i have installed the P5 server part on a computer in the LAN, given a static IP to the device, and made portforwarding to it in the router from the general external IP towards the device IP choosen to host the server part.

Everything looks ok and i can test that the port is opened; yet when i launch some client the TCP connection is never stabilished with the server either when i use as params the external IP and the port, or the DNS (i have created one): the client launches then nothing happens, not any socket is created and finally i get a timeOut exception.
Has somebody tried that successfully with P5 net library? - The only given example is with the http get command which of course is not at all convenient for my aims. As i am not an expert in this kind of networking i am probably wrong somewhere…
Thanks in advance.


Good news!
Finally it works = the problem was that it needs some hours before the router updates…



Dear Akenaton,

Have you ever completed the network library?
(Available to drive with P5)