Creating a self-moving face (eyes and mouth only)

Hi there. It’s my intention to create a storyteller at the center of the window, who will speak, kinda like this:


which opens autonomously eyes and mouth (in a mechanic way).
How can I draw/create them?


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Did you look at the video tutorials and the first three text tutorials?

In the example section of the Website you‘ll find a section with motion.

The idea is that you use ellipse() - see reference - for head and eyes and then rect() for the mouth.
See reference on the website:

If you have the lower lip you can move it by having a variable y that changes ellipse(100,y,30,6); y++;.

Please show your code and then we proceed accordingly together

Regards, Chrisir


I ended up choosing to use animated gifs od eyes and mouth. Still, I tried to put a gif as the background but won’t work.

PImage snow;

void setup () {

  size (800, 800);
  snow = loadImage("img/giphy-15.gif");

void draw () {

  background (snow, 800, 800); 

ERROR: The method background(int, float) in the type PApplet is not applicable for the arguments (PImage, int, int)

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background is just

background (image);

without the x,y bit because it fills the entire screen

You use resize in setup to change your image

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