Create very few particles on a particle system


I am trying to create bubbles simulation. I want a bubble to appear every 1-2 sec. and to burst at the bottom of the canvas.
I have this so far:

I can not get to create only few bubbles…
When I move the for loop to the draw function it creates A LOT of bubbles :frowning:

Help :smiley:

You can also check whether a balloon has left the screen and then give it a new y position

OR you remove balls when they left and when the number is smaller 30 use push

Hey @Chrisir

Thank you for the reply!
My problem is with creation of bubbles - how to constantly create bubbles on a very slow pace


Give this a try in draw():

if( frameCount%60 == 0 ) particles.push(new Particle()); //This will add one every 60 frames which is around 1 sec.

Look up the modulo (%) operator to understand how this works.
This is a useful function and worthy of exploration!

There are other ways to time events.