Create random curve from X points

I want to draw curve from X points, random points.

I try to read about the bezierPoint() but not understood completely

Hi @yalaniv,

If you want to draw a random curve, bezierPoint() is not the right function to use because it lets you do this :

Evaluates the Bezier at point t for points a, b, c, d. The parameter t varies between 0 and 1, a and d are points on the curve, and b and c are the control points.

Which allow you to get a point on a bezier curve at a certain position on that curve (from 0 to 1). Usually you use it with the bezier() function to display it.

The easiest way is to use curveVertex() to display a curve, you just give points and it construct a curve for you.

Then for randomness you need :

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Here is a solution with bezierCurve.

int prevX;
int prevY;

void setup() {
  size(400, 400);  

void draw() {
  // First point at the left edge
  prevX = 0;
  prevY = height/2;
  // For loop gets repeated till right edge is reached
  for(int i = 1; i < 11; i++) {
    // Updatet x positino and create a new random Y value
    int x = i * 40;
    int y = int(random(height));
    // Draw a bezier line from the previous to the current point
    // Comment: replace "15" to adjust the handles
    bezier(prevX, prevY, prevX+15, prevY, x-15, y, x, y);
    // Make the current point the previous one.
    prevX = x;
    prevY = y;
  // Stop drawing

void mouseClicked() {

bezierPoint is used to get a point on a bezierCurve.


thanks for the awesome information.


thanks my issue has been fixed.