Create an artistic design that evolves and is transformed over time

Hi everyone, I would like to draw with Processing a specific visual object similar to a “larva that opens up” and inside there is a human being, similar to this image that I am attaching to you.

The design must have a specific evolution over time.

I need to know if anyone has any idea how to make a drawing similar to the attached image and if it is possible to develop a “story” of an evolving image with processing.

This visual object will be transformed over time by the interaction with the public, whose movements and / or approaches will be detected by some sensors.

Thanks for your help

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Hello @olotropic_world
An interesting idea!
I wonder if you could expand a bit more on your intent to:

I think I know what you mean but further clarification would be helpful as to how much control or specificity you are wanting to insert into the evolution of an image.


Hi @debxyz and thanks for your reply.

Ok I will show very briefly the temporal evolution of the visual object.

The visual content must have a finite duration of about 8 minutes, in which the image follows a specific transformation that can be summarized in 3 parts. In the first the larva is closed, in the second the larva is half open and you can see the human being and finally the larva is totally open. All visual objects can coexist and there must not be a clear change of scene, but the public can interact by modulating some parameters that may be of interest: color and shape.

The different controls between arduino and processing have been resolved. Now, does anyone have any idea how to create such a visual object in Processing? Otherwise the alternative is to make a video and manipulate it with Processing.


Based on the parameters you’ve outlined, I would explore using transparency/alpha as a way to transition to each new image state.
Making a video and then manipulating it may be way more work than necessary to solve this problem.

Thanks! Other suggestions are welcome!

There are many resources on the Processing website.

Check out the cool examples in the “To see more of what people are doing with Processing” column on the right.

These may be of interest: < I have both of these!

And check out the gallery in the Processing forum.


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