Converting from int to long

how can i convert an int type into a long type value?

Take a look at this code:

int yourInt=5;
long yourLong=(long) yourInt;

You can generally convert all number types into each other that way.
I hope this helps!

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thanks a lot, that did in fact work. :grinning:

No problem! A thing to keep in mind is that when converting from a float/double to a int/long all digits after the comma will be cut!

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Java automatically upgrades an integer value to long type by simpling assigning it to a long variable:

int myInt = 10;
long myLong = myInt;

println(myInt, myLong); // 10, 10

However, when using literals that exceed 2 ^ 31 we have to suffix them w/ L or l:

//long wrongLong = 4_000_000_000;
long correctLong = 4_000_000_000L;

println(correctLong); // 4000000000
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