Convert image in to binary stream with arduino

i am a beginner for project is transmitting ascii value or image through a blinking LED and recieving those ascii and image via LDR…
But i did sending and recieving ascii value…it succeed.My transmitting arduinocode is given above…
Dear all, now , first i want to transmiting an image .i thaught it is doing by processing.whole this transmiting part is doing with arduino + processing serial communication.
Please write and make my code to transmit an image too.

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Please post any code as text, NOT as a screenshot. You can format forum code with the </> button.

What are you transmitting an image to, and from? Which direction, and is the image a file, or a webcam, or…?

image is a file.i had a arduino code to transfer any text.therefore i thaught i want to take that image pixel values.they are numbers.then i can transmit through my arduino code.i want to a code to take pixel values from that image and combine that new code to my arduino code.can i do with processing??please write me acode