Control a crane system

Hi there, I am working on a project of control crane system, and I have did the positioning of trolley which moves on the jib using Arduino, However, I have used a webcam which is located beneath the trolley to detect the movement of the hanged load using processing and I do not have much experience in processing, my question is I need to interface processing with Arduino and make the processing do all the calculations, is that possible?

That part is possible

Processing will not do the calculations for you. Probably you mean if you could code the calculations in Processing? Certainly. If it can be done in any language, then it can be done in Processing. Notice Processing is basically Java, with some “special” features that could be a blessed or a curse.

Have you implemented you camera code or are you looking to do that as well?

If you do not have experience with Processing, then your first step is to become familiar with the reference, the available examples and you should also explore the examples that comes with the Video library which you can access using the Processing Development Environment (PDE). When you open the PDE, go to files>Examples and then go under the libraries>>Video>>Capture folders. You can explore details of this library here.

You should also explore previous posts in this forum to get some reference code for your video and arduino sections.


Thanks Kfrajer,
yes I implemented the camera code, I used a reflective taper above the hook so the camera will detect the bright portion of it then i would know the coordinates of the hook,