Constant length line

Hi! I’m still new at processing. I’m trying to write a program that generates random line positions but all lines are of the same length. I want to further develop it to generate different coloured lines according to the line length but situated at random positions. I have no idea how to control the line length and position it at random locations. Thanksss!

Consider the line between the points (x, y) and (x+L*cos(a), y+L*sin(a)) for some values of L and a. What is the length of this line?

If x and y are random, one endpoint of this line is random. How might you randomize where the other endpoint is?

Hints: What is L? What is a?


Thanks so much for this!!!

For those interested in trigonometry there is a tutorial here:

It is not on main website but it is still available.

It is poorly formatted in places so keep an eye out for that!

For example:

Should be:

x = cosine(theta) * radius
y = sine(theta) * radius

Have fun!