Come Play My Game!

Hello everyone! I finally finished my android game, made entirely in Processing called Bounce to Climb. I worked really hard on it, and I would love to hear everyone’s opinions on it! I would love to answer questions and i’m also open to adding new features!

Check out it here!

I’ve also made a promo video; it’s not the greatest, but it gets the point across :slight_smile:


Fun game! Looks good and easy to play. I managed to get 868 :smiley:

My only criticism is that sometimes you never get the opportunity for the second bounce and it feels like a cheap death

Or maybe its an unintentional difficulty that’ll encourage the players to think ahead? :thinking:

Other than that gg!

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I’m glad you liked it! If you had reached 900, then you would have reached the 3rd stage! :grinning:

You’re right, the game encourages players to think ahead (especially during the 3rd stage), and time bounces accordingly. Thanks for the feedback!

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Really good game!

I like the core mechanic, it’s pretty simple and unique.

My best score so far is 2046 :slight_smile:

Are there going to be more powerups or stages after the 3rd one?

Thanks, I’m surprised you made it up that high. :+1:

I’m thinking about adding another power-up that gives the player a safety net of sorts for a set amount of time. I’m open to adding another stage after the 3rd, but i’m not sure what should be different about it.

I’m open to new ideas if you have any!

I made it to level 3 as well, very cool :slightly_smiling_face:

I noticed that the player can shoot only at 2 different angles, so another cool powerup may be to pause / slow the scene while controlling what angle the ball can shoot

Huh, I had never thought of something like that :thinking:. That sounds like something that I could definitely add, and its more engaging than just adding a safety net like I proposed earlier.

Thanks for the idea Benny!

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Cool game! I am wondering, is the direction of the ball random or is it intentional? I couldn’t quite figure it out while playing.

To me it looks like it bounces in the direction of the last wall you hit

It bounces the opposite direction of your x velocity. It’s mentioned in the tutorial, but looking back at it, I shouldn’t expect people to notice such a minor detail. :thinking:

I’ll be adding a button in the title screen to enable the tutorial at anytime. Maybe that will help!

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Wow I didn’t think that something like this could be made in Processing. Cool game

How did you make that half circle at the top move like that?

I linearly interpolated the y-component of the ellipse by a mapped value derived from the balls y-velocity. :+1:

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Cool! Great game! =D

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I zoomed through the tutorial and then I regretted it immediately. I love the game btw. It is incredibly satisfying to play. I love the detail of the boxes bouncing a little when hit. I love the play with colours in a simplistic way. It is really nice and I am playing it way too much.

I have a few feedbacks. Firstly I actually think the game becomes easier as soon as I get through to level two. I think has something to do with the size and spaces of the boxes. When you get to second level, if you do a bad hit, the box moves, so it is more likely to recover.

And also it can maybe become a bit too easy to get far up if you get lucky with the powerup. Sometimes I get one powerup and then at the end of that powerup anotherone appears right in my line, so I get a free new one. But it’s just luck and doesn’t happen too often though.

And lastly I think that the colorchanges can be a bit confusing. Maybe that is the point, but espesially from blue and orange to pink and yellow. Orange and yellow are very similar colours, but they are opposite in meaning in the game. I think I would have the colors change more gradually or with another step in between. But I don’t know.

Anyways, great game!

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I appreciate kind comments, and i’m happy you enjoy the game! I can tweak the difficulty of the second stage, I believe that you are right about it being easier than the first stage. I also think that the third stage is too much of a step in difficulty from the second stage.

Regarding the colors, I think that for the most part the first and second stage have intuitive colors. I have been wanting to change the colors of the 3rd stage, but i’m not sure what colors I should choose.

If you have any suggestions on what colors I should use I would appreciate it, Thanks!

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I think you should make it purple and turquoise, I was also confused when I got to that part.

Not a bad idea, that might actually be the better color option. Thanks!

Nice and innovative game. Managed to get 641.

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