Combine STEM with coding

Hello teachers,

I have a suggestion for you. Combine STEM with coding for a maximum educational value. For instance the following programs made possible by processing API shows how to plot a function graph. I hope you find the program and concept useful.

P.S. coding is STEM… but combining coding with other STEM field is even more powerful!


Hi @codeguppy – Thanks for sharing this sketch embed!

Two quick suggestions:

  1. save it with a descriptive title (currently Untitled in the embed)
  2. give it a code comment header block with a sentence or two describing the concept of what it is and what it does, for example something like:
 * Graphing a Wave
 * 2020-07-17
 * Plot a wave function on the screen, like an oscilloscope! * 
 * This codeguppy sketch demonstrates graphing sin() function.
 * As the start x increases over time it scrolls to the right.

Thanks @codeguppy! Coding can help students deepen their understanding of other subjects from grade school to grad school. Here are a few STEM examples from outside the Processing community.

I had my precalculus students code with p5.js last year. They started by drawing constellations (discrete and continuous graphs) and meteors (linear functions). NOC was a wonderful resource for later projects with vectors and trigonometry. Lots of ideas for improvements, so hopefully I get the chance to iterate on the course this fall!