Colorshift on saveFrame

As i export (saveFrame) .pngs i notice a pretty ugly colorshift. The colors tend to get dull. It all most looks as the frame saved gets converted to cmyk…

vs screenshot:

I noticed, that it is a interpreting error since the saveFrame .pngs do not have a color profile. Is there a way to emmed a color profile? Or does anyone know of a simple way to do so afterwards?

I’ve noticed the same thing happening on both .png and .jpg files. Colors appear washed out and not as vibrant as in the sketch. I’ve been looking into the javadocs to see if there is any way to specify which color profile you want, or even to change compression settings on the .jpg’s. I wasn’t able to find an answer to the problem, so for now I’m just as eager to have someone more knowledgeable provide an answer.

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Are you using a HDR display (with windows 10 set to HDR mode), or a different colour profile set for your monitor?

I’m using a MacBook running OSX 10.15. I recall dealing with this issue on previous occations some years ago on both Mac and Windows.

Did you try export as pdf

Thanks for the hint. Well it sorta works…
It exports as a vector sequence into the PDF. Wich plays when opened in Acrobat – but it does all sort of strange things; It appears as there is no colormanagement present – colours get interpreted as (i guess) sRGB. They look way to saturated. And the Animation does not play smoothly in terms of code flow. (In my example the Grid of the pool tiles show through the border) and it flickers.
On the other hand, when opened in Preview the colours look closer to the original Render. Non animation.

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My apologies I meant tiff

Yeah, sure did the first time around – no luck! Same Story…

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I’m having the same issue. If I record my screen using QuickTime I get a much more saturated appearance than if I export a series of png frames, import into After Effects, and create a video from the frames, the video is about 5-10% (subjectively speaking) less saturated. I’m seeing the same “dullness.”

Mac OS X 10.15.7, Processing 3.5.4.

It occurred to me after I posted this that one solution may just be to create an Adobe Photoshop action that applies the display profile so it, again, looks like it should on the display.

In Photoshop you can go: Edit -> Assign Profile… -> Choose the profile.

On my Mac, I chose image P3 and this makes the png match the Processing window.

If you have a folder of png’s, it may be worth creating an action that assigns a profile to all the images in the folder.

Perhaps someone can comment on whether this is the “correct” way to do it. For now it does seem to work for me!

Yes, i finally did a similar thing with a cl-tool:

exiftool “-icc_profile<=/System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Display P3.icc” -overwrite_original /Path/to/your/folder

To apply a color profile. How ever; converting the image sequence to a video stream always shift colors again…

Yet this still has the same “is this the right way?” feel to it. Maybe someone with more knowledge about yuv color could enlighten us?

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This was annoying issue for me. I have not found Processing solution for this. In my case I wanted video. My workaround was using QuickTime Player → New Screen Recording

You can run your sketch, select correct screen frame and hit record. No problems with colours. Result is 1:1 with what you’ve seen on the screen.

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