Color modeling problem up for grabs

In a recent post, someone got at a common but notoriously difficult problem: color comparison and sorting.

The things is, if you use the most advanced color model (which virtually no one is), this is a lot easier.

CIECAM02 models color perception and comparison (for humans) better than any other model.

I found a Python library that has a compare function in that color model, and wrote a script that sorts colors via that model. The results are better than using any other model I’ve seen.

Here’s a link to the script. Here’s the library it uses. Here is a before and after image generated from a palette list before and after sorting via the script.

I would love for such color comparisons to be available via a Processing library, and I want to suggest here, for anyone looking for a coding project, that this would be a worthy library to code :slight_smile: