Cloud Animation - Processing Basics

Need help, would love to call or share screen of discord with someone who is willing to lend a hand!

I would like to be taught how to

  1. Click and drag clouds one at a time. constrained to above horizon. when another cloud is selected,
    cloud resumes its own movement. (clouds bounce of edges or appear from the start again)
  2. Raindrops come out of clouds

and perhaps maybe this
3. Raindrops extinguish when hit ground
4. Raindrops make a flower (or thematic substitution) grow bigger (or smaller) if they hit

this is mainly through conditionals.

These two youtube channels are excellent resources for learning Processing basics.
Based on your outline above, all answers are there.
Have fun!

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Im so confused, i get what they are saying but not sure how to complete it.

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Do you have cloud images?

Look at loadImage and image in the reference

Look at the example section of the website for drag and drop

for rain… you would need multiple drops, so either multiple arrays (x,y…) or objects. For both see tutorial section (array and objects are tutorials)