City growth example

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Im trying to find a processing example I remember seeing years ago. It was a a bunch of random points that start moving in random directions creating a line behind them.

Points would also randomly spawn along each line and grow perpendicularly forming a new line.

In the end it would resemble a city road map.

Does anyone know what Im talking about? It had very earth colours to it.

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don’t know

see Converting coding challenge 'Self-avoiding walk backtracing' from p5.js to Processing (Java) - #20 by GoToLoop

keywords: Fractals and L-Systems, Brownian, Walkers

see Examples /


Hi @TimoL,

Could it be that you are looking for Jared Tarbell’s “Substrate” algorithm ?

If so, there’s a dedicated thread with example code you can find here, on this forum:

For procedural city generation, there’s also this approach from Sean Barrett which is a simplification of Parish and Müller’s Procedural Modeling of Cities (2001) as explained here.


thanks @solub thats exactly what I was searching for :slight_smile:

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