Chunk loading possibility's

Hi all,

I am struggling a bit deciding what i should use with my chunk loading system.
my initial idea was to cycle trough all possible locations around the player, check if the chunk already exist, if not, create a new chunk.
later on, old chunks should be removed.

I already achieved this in unity. I could check if the gameobject named “chunk_x_y” exists, if not make one.

what do you guys think is the best option for me?
I really appreciate your help!

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By “chunk loading system” do you mean for a 3D system xyz, or do you mean tile loading for a 2D system xy? You say “chunk loading” but give x_y as an example – those are tile maps.

I ask because if your sketch will use 2D tiles then you could use an existing tile library such as PTMX:


You are right. I am searching for a 2D tile map system. I think of it as a 2D top view.
however I would like to code it myself and not use existing librarys. for practicing purposes.
For now I can search the internet with with better terms, thank you very much!

There are a number of great tutorials out there on writing a basic tile loading system. Some of the most in-depth on basic concepts are not necessarily in Processing – e.g. on gamedev.stackexchange – but it is worth looking over the concepts before moving to implementation.

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