Choppy animation when screen sharing over Zoom

When I share my screen on a Zoom (or similar) call, the animation is choppy on their end but is running smoothly on my screen. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?

It depends what you’re trying to share? If it’s a presentation to an audience gathered in a room, I send my slide-deck (with videos) to somebody on the other side to play.

For any Processing sketches that run in the browser (p5, etc.), there are live code sharing / collaborative editors, allowing everybody online to edit and view code changes simultaneously.

If you’re trying to preview Processing IDE (Java) sketches over Zoom, you could drop the sketch frameRate(). This means your animation is slower, but it’s easier for viewers to discern the motion.

Also, dropping your screen resolution in your monitor display settings may help. (It also makes everything larger and easier to see)

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Thank you, this is helpful.

Basically, I created a “slideshow” and some of the “slides” have animations. I will be presenting via Zoom to several people in different locations on their own computers. I will be advancing the slides with key strokes and narrating over the presentation. It sounds like, of your 3 suggestions, adjusting the frame rate is best suited for my needs. I will try that. If you have other ideas based on the details I’ve given here, that would be great.

Thanks again.

this is not related to processing but in the recent versions of zoom you can choose to optimize for video playback when you share screen.

(I personally tried making slides in p5.js and send page commands over websockets to remotely control, which was nice especially when you want fine graphics with particles etc)

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Thank you for these suggestions. I will look into the “optimize for video” choice. Your other suggestion is a little over my head at this point, but I thank you for sharing it.