Can't select <span> element in DOM bug

I am having trouble using select() to get a span element in the DOM. It looks like it is a bug or I’m doing something wrong. Here is the link:

Or below here is the code:

In index.html

<p>You have <span class=".points">0</span> Points.</p>

In sketch.js

var span;
var points = 0;

function setup() {
  createCanvas(200, 200);
  // Selecting the <span class=".points"></span> element in index.html
  span = select('.points');
  // Replace html with the variable points, which is 0

function draw() {
  // If the code succeeds, the background will be red

This results with an error “span is null (sketch: line 11)”
This also yields the same result if I take the span out of the

I believe this is a bug unless anyone has any solutions,
Thank you :grinning:

<p>You have <span class="points">0</span> Points.</p>

Ah. Classic… it’s always the little things.
Thank you for your eye