Cannot find a class or type named “List” error

I’m new to processing, and I’m trying to run this bit of code:

import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.core.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.geo.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.interactions.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.mapdisplay.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.mapdisplay.shaders.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.marker.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.providers.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.texture.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.tiles.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.ui.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.utils.*;
import de.fhpotsdam.utils.*;

UnfoldingMap map;
void setup() {
    size(800, 600);
    map = new UnfoldingMap(this);
    MapUtils.createDefaultEventDispatcher(this, map);
    List<Feature> countries = GeoJSONReader.loadData(this, "countries.geo.json");
    List<Marker> countryMarkers = MapUtils.createSimpleMarkers(countries);
void draw() {

It’s from this Unfolding maps tutorial: Unfolding Maps: Markers & Data

But when I run it, I get this error:

Cannot find a class or type named “List”

How can I get processing to recognise the List<> format, what am I doing wrong?


It’s not a format but a Java built-in interface:

And you need to import it if you need to use it:

import java.util.List;