Can we run processing code by clicking on a icon like a desktop applications

can we run processing code by clicking on a icon like a desktop applications

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you could make a command file using

  • walk ( cd ) to the sketch path
  • start processing and sketch using
cd /.../
/.../processing-java --sketch=my_sketch.pde --run

must use full path…

but other way windows is
explorer, go to the sketch
right click context menu:
send to desktop ( create shortcut )

find new icon
double click
(PDE should start automatically and open that sketch ( but NOT RUN it ) )

C:\Users\COMP_1\Processing>processing-java --sketch=test.pde --run
‘processing-java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

showing this error although I included processing to my path

I think what you are looking for is to export an application. You can just Click on it like any other exe. I don‘t have the IDE accessable right now, but i‘m pretty sure that if you open the sketch, under the leftmost tab in the menu, you can find a Text called Export. Then just Click it and select if you want to export it with/out extra java included (for mac/linux i think).

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processing-java.exe is not in your sketch path, it is in your install ( unzip ) path
best is use full path, for the program and the sketch.

example here have processing ( unzip ) and sketchbook on a other drive:

pls see that you not use the filename
only the path

( as usual processing expects that under that path …/test/ is a …/test/test.pde )

also know that this works for any .pde, must not be under the preferences sketchbook…

and make a shortcut from desktop to the cmd ( icon)

yes export is a good way,
– but uses 200MB ( java included )
– must be redone with/after every change of sketch
++ is great for distribution ( like to other win 10 computer )