Can not load images/files easily like before?!

Hello there, i’m having an big issues/problems in loading & inserting images in to p5.js, lately the new editing of the program, it ask you to enter the file’s name, & when i entered the file/image’s name; it doesn’t accept the jpg format no more, it tells you to load it at txt, js…etc, i tried to load it on js format, it insert the file in to the program, but still the image don’t load, it gave an error message, before we used to just drag the file into the p5.js, now the things changed, it become defficult than before, please i need help, i can’t load up an images into the progam no more, i need somebody to tell me ; how to load up images files, i appreciate your care, thank you.

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In the editor click on the down arrow to the right of Sketch Files and then select Upload file.

And voila!

I had this issue the other day and took me a moment.


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Oh ok, i got it now, thank you very very much for your info glv, i appreciate your response, thank you :), two thumps up, megarou

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