Camera clip problem

hello! this is my camera class, i`ve a problem when rotating at rx axes, it seems that clipping problem at 180 degrees in that axes. i want to be free to rotating full 360ª . what im doing wrong?

class Player {
  PVector position;
  PVector center;
  PVector up;
  PVector right;
  PVector forward;
  float pan;
  float tilt;
  PVector velocity;
  float angle;
  PVector vel2D;

  Player() {
    center = new PVector(0, 0, 1000);
    position = new PVector(0, 0, 0);
    up = new PVector(0f, 1f, 0f);  
    right = new PVector(0f, 0f, 0f);
    forward = new PVector(0f, 0f, 1f);
    velocity = new PVector(0f, 0f, 0f);
    pan = HALF_PI;
    tilt = 0;

  void update(PGraphics a) {

    float xx = (Float)spaceNavigator.get("x");
    float yy = (Float)spaceNavigator.get("y");
    float zz = (Float)spaceNavigator.get("z");
    float rx = (Float)spaceNavigator.get("rx");
    float ry = (Float)spaceNavigator.get("ry");
    float rz = (Float)spaceNavigator.get("rz");
    float b0 = (Float)spaceNavigator.get("b0");
    float b1 = (Float)spaceNavigator.get("b1");

    pan   -=   ry*0.5;
    tilt  -=  -rx*0.5;

    forward = new PVector(cos(pan), tan(tilt), sin(pan));
    right = new PVector(cos(pan - PI/2), 0, sin(pan - PI/2));


    velocity.add(PVector.mult(forward, (-zz*50.0)));
    velocity.add(PVector.mult(right, (-xx*50.0)));
    velocity.add(PVector.mult(up, (yy*50.0)));


    center = PVector.add(position, forward);

    float fov = PI/2;
    float cameraZ = (height/2) / tan(fov);  // when i multiple this fov * 4, 8, the camera clips in different degrees up 180. maybe here is the problem

    a.perspective(fov, float(width)/float(height), 0.1, cameraZ*20);, position.y, position.z, center.x, center.y, center.z, up.x, up.y, up.z);


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hi @vjjv, if you don’t mind, can you post your setup() and draw() functions? What have you tried so far to fix the issue?

thanks for reply. i dont think is any system problem. (setup and draw dont do so much, i dont post becouse is a very big and segment program, theres no information there) but basically this camera is render in a Pgraphics scene. i think that is a perspective problem, but i dont really know which

Without a very simple test sketch to see you using the class it is hard to know exactly what your problem is. It might be gimbal lock? If so, a good solution is to use PeasyCam.

Or, depending on how you are using the camera, a another full interactive camera library implementation (dollying, not centered) is QueasyCam.

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