Camera Animation: Move camera on 3D curve

Hello all,

when making a movie, I always wanted to go by the scene or object with a flying camera.

This would be cool for Animation.

I made a sketch now that features two different curves to animate the flying camera:

  • one for camera position
  • one for camera Look At.

Both beziers can be edited separately.

Then you can hit 0 or 9 to see the camera in action: it travels on one curve and looks to the point (same point number) on the other curve.

There are 3 edit view modes:

  • from south (processing standard), here mouseX and mouseY apply to x,y
  • from Top, here mouseX and mouseY apply to x,z
  • from West, here mouseX and mouseY apply to z,y

You can edit the 2 bezier curves by drag and drop

  • either 2 anchor points (boxes) on each curve
  • or the 2 control points (spheres) on each curve.

You can

  • load and save the 2 curves (use l and s)
  • zoom in and out (right mouse button)
  • read the help screen (h)

I hope this helps others to animate their scene or object with a camera animation that can be used with other sketches.


Best, Chrisir


New version: camMover3Dc

  • Zoom and Pan
  • Video recording (start and stop either manually or from beginning to end of curve)
  • See help screen (hit h)

GOOD! project.

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