Calling processing-java from node on Windows 10

Hello everyone,
I am having some problems to execute the processing-java on windows from nodejs. When I use the following

processing-java --sketch=$pwd/sketch/ --run

in the console it works fine and the sketch is executed, window opens and the result is a file written to a directory where I need it.

But when I use the same as a string in the node file to execute it, it does not open a window and no file has been written, but the callback function processOutput is executed, hence the somehow the execution happened.

I added
const exec = require('child_process').exec;
to the js file which is used for executing child processes in node.
$pwd is the PowerShell equivalent to pwd on MacOS.
exec should execute the shell command and call the callback function (which seems to happen)

const cmd = 'processing-java --sketch=$pwd/sketch/ --run';
exec(cmd, processOutput);

What am I missing? Any help appreceated.
Many thanks, C.

I solved it by exchanging the $pwd with %CD% to run it on windows.

const cmd = 'processing-java --sketch=%CD%/sketch/ --run';
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